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We are looking for a Part-time Chiropractor to join our team of professionals. This team is comprised of dedicated and energetic individuals. Our chiropractor will be provided with clients and a room for treatment. We want to hear from you are positive and willing to succeed together.  Apply below or send resume and cover letter to info@arcswellness.com. 

We are offering a supportive environment with opportunities for good long-term growth.


Massage Therapists

We are looking for professional, responsible, and self-motivated Massage Therapists to join our team of energetic and enthusiastic individuals. Our RMTs will be given clients right away.

We provide a friendly environment for potential long-term growth and provide flexible part-time and full-time jobs hours.


We are looking for an organized and enthusiastic Part-time Chiropodist to join our team of hardworking professionals. Our chiropodist will be given a room for treatment along with many clients.

We are a growing company and will be able to provide opportunities for long-term growth.


We are looking for a compassionate Part-time Osteopath to join our team of highly energetic individuals. The applicant must be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of his/her patients and create a unique and efficient treatment plan. Our osteopath will be given clients and a treatment room.

We offer a friendly and growing environment where potential for growth and longer hours is possible.


We are looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic Part-time Naturopathic doctor to join our team of highly qualified therapists and doctors. Our Naturopath will be provided with treatment rooms, Front Desk receptionists, all required medical supplies.

We are a growing company with a great supportive environment where good long-term growth is possible.


We are looking for a Part-time Acupuncturist who is a great observer and is very passionate about his/her clients. Applicants must know how to consult clients with absolute discretion and professionalism. They will understand the strengths and weaknesses of their clients and should be to treat them accordingly. Our Acupuncturist will be provided with the necessary tools along with treatment rooms.

We have a growing environment where there is a potential for good long-term growth.

At ARCS Wellness, we have:

  • Attractive Competitive pay structure. Some positions include commissions & bonuses
  • Predictable income
  • Benefits for fulltime team member
  • Very friendly environment where employee satisfaction is the key
  • Flexible hours to fit your life
  • All supplies provided
  • Spacious treatment rooms
  • Electronic tables
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Busy Clinic with Steady clientele

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